The Consumer Reports Picks 10 Best Cars of 2017


Consumer Reports has revealed 10 best cars of 2017 in their report. The report has listed only the best cars and best are the cars that prove to be outstanding in performance, live up to the stringent road safety tests and exhibit reliability, safety and consumer satisfaction.

In other words, these have won the admiration of Consumer Reports and they recommend these 10 cars for consumers with confidence. Let’s check these.

1. Subcompact: Toyota Yaris iA, Price $17,570

Developed by Mazda, the car has been described as as a refined alternative in a segment filled with insubstantial models.


2. Compact: Chevrolet Cruze, Price $23,145

The Consumer Reports staff praised this car and it lived up to their all tests. It has a very powerful engine that convinced the staff to add it on the list.