10 Cues A Girl Gives If She’s Waiting For You To Make A Bold Move


Women have always been creatures of mystery. Since the dawn of time, men have been trying to figure them out. Men have always been attempting to win the ladies over and seal the deal.A big problem that some men face is that they do not even realize when a woman is coming on to them. Unlike men, women prefer to take the subtle route.

Today at Borlem we’ll discuss 10 Cues a Girl Gives if she’s waiting for you to make a bold move:

1.Batting Her Eyelashes

Once you start noticing her fluttering her eyelashes at you ever so often, you can chalk that up as an indication that she is interested. However, hang in there and see if she exhibits other flirtatious signals before making a move. You want to make sure that she is indeed putting on the moves and that it has nothing to do with a dry contact lens.

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2.She Stays in Communication With You

This sign is more long-term oriented. Some signs might focus on moving up within the night, but this sign is looking for a future relationship. If you have been taking it slow for the first stretch of your relationship, but are wondering if she’s ready to move forward, see if she keeps in communication with you. If she’s making constant contact, it means that her interest in you is going strong.