10 Most Hilarious Clothing Disasters


Clothing is easy to screw up. Generally you just put something on without thinking about it too much.After all, we can’t fully see what we look like because our limited Perception, consequently accidents happen.

In rare moments, it’s the designer’s fault for using the inappropriate words or the wrong photos on a shirt or on a pair of pants. In other cases, it’s the user who truly makes a happy accident happen and doesn’t realize it.

To demonstrate what we mean, here are 10 funny clothing Mishaps that will make you think, ‘I’m glad that wasn’t me!’:


1. This Reddit user did something Hilarious by accident because of his combination of clothes: ‘Couldn’t Work Out Why I Was Getting So Many Odd Looks While Shopping This Afternoon,’ he wrote alongside the photos, ‘Then Got Home & Noticed Will Ferrell Peeping Out Of My Cardigan.’



2. To some, this would seem like an unfortunate typography accident. But to others, like myself, this feels like an anti-joke. I hope this was 100% intentional because I would wear this all the time, unironically.