10 Incredible Photos Of Wedding Which Are Complete WTF!!


Wedding is considered as the happiest moment of individual’s life.It is the moment of celebration by two people who love each other,its based upon the common interests and willingness to be the happy couple. Theme weddings, unique photos and choreographed dance numbers can all be wonderful and inspiring if done properly.

All over the world some weddings have crossed from delightful to unconceivable. The mundane has turned to the insane, as people have taken things just a little too far.

If a single Photograph were captured from these scenes, one might think the celebration had gone off the rails. Fortunately, that’s exactly what wedding photographers are for. Let’s have a look at some of the most WTF wedding moments ever.

1. This looks like a lot of work just to get a shot of the couple holding onto each other for dear life. Wait, who is taking the photo of the photographer?

2. This is the bride who at least make some use out of the wedding dress. Who says it’s only for your wedding day?