10 People Shared The Experience Of Having The Worst Coworker They Have Ever Had


Job and Employment is some this which is the essential in the lives of many people to survive.Different types of jobs are exists from office work to something extremely physically strenuous such as a construction gig. However any sort of career path chosen by you, you will have to work with some people that you might dislike.

There are many reason for not liking your coworkers such as they are lazy, bringing smelly lunches at work continuously or because you just can’t stand the way they look at you, there can be a wide list of reasons for someone to not get along with their co workers.

Top ten stories are here about the worst co-workers that somebody has had to deal with.


Throwitaway9009y said: ‘On the day that she got fired, this girl texted the manager saying she needed to come in late and then leave early. She also casually brought up the point that she needed a raise as well.’

On Facebook She posted negative ‘reviews’ about her coworkers and also about the work environment. Half of her friends were staff from the office she worked at and from older businesses.’