10 Shocking Confessions From McDonald’s Employees That Will Make You Think Where You Get Your Next Fast Food Meal


Odds are you have eaten there at least a few times. After all, having served billions and billions of people, McDonald’s is probably the most famous fast food joint on the face of the planet. But do you really know what goes on behind the scenes? Unidentified workers and former managers have come clean to reveal some of the secrets and lesser-known things that occur behind and sometime on- the counter where you order. Here we bring you the shocking confessions of McDonald’s employees that will make you question where you should get fast food meals. 

Sanitary Gloves Mean Nothing 

Some people question the cleanliness of fast food but the staff all wear sanitary gloves when they handle your food. You might think it’s still good but it’s not that much. According to one ex-manager, staff cook, take breaks and take out the garbage all while often wearing the same gloves. So next time you see your burger getting handled by someone with gloves on, don’t get too cocky. 


Employees Spit on Food

In extreme cases, your rudeness can result in a lot worse than a few missed fries or salt packages. Despite being reportedly rare, one ex-manager reported that employees do spit on food or drop it on the floor when a certain customer is being especially bad.