10 Signs That Show Your Partner Is Too Selfish


Not everyone you meet is worth living with. Love is the foundation of your relationship. If you don’t get love in return and you are in an unbalanced relationship than it is crucial to recognize when your partner is overly selfish and look for a solution when possible. Here are a few signs of overly selfish partner.If your partner shows one or more of these signs, they may be selfish.

1.Their Family

It may seem strange, but a new study by the University Of Michigan indicates there might be a genetic link to selfishness. If your partner’s family has a healthy altruistic relationship, you’re probably safe. If there is a history of divorce or abandonment, you may want to dig a little deeper into the cause to protect yourself from an overly selfish partner.

2.You’re The Listener, They’re The Talker

There’s never a real conversation. They expect you to listen to their problems, concerns, and triumphs, but when you start talking, there’s no real effort on their end to find out what’s going on with you.

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