10 Signs That Show Your Partner Is Your True Soul Mate


In our childhood, we all believed that when we will grow up our life will change into a disney world. We will fall in love at first sight and in deep woods will meet our soul mates and live happily ever after. But Unfortunately our life is not a fairy tale. We usually go for decades without finding our true soul mates and with the passage of time we start forgetting about concept of a soul mate.

Out disney fairy tales are now no more part of our life. We start moving on path of our life without the soul mate but truth is that every person on this planet is incomplete without his/her soulmate. Our soulmates are here to complete ourselves but sometimes it takes a lot of time to find a true one. If you start asking people around you about their soulmates, you’ll get to know many stories about soul mates and see couples who prove that soulmates are not only exist in disney stories, they are part of this real world.

Here at Borlem we’ll discuss 10 signs that show your partner is your true soul mate:

1.Your Partner Is Your Best Friend

When you meet your soulmate, you meet your best friend. Your soul mate is always your close friend. Your strong friendship is the great foundation of lasting romance. You can share anything easily with them. You don’t feel hesitation in sharing any problem with them. You feel very comfortable when your partner is around. You both understand each other jokes, share same level of sense of humor and always support each other.

2.You Never Met BeforeĀ 

It is funny and interesting that sometimes soulmates have crossed path before. May be both belong to same home town but then moved to different cities for jobs or studies. It is also possible that you both have never met before but were present at the same concert and danced on the same song. But you never met until the time was right.