10 Signs That You’re Way More Intelligent Than You Realize


We normally think the people who never face hiccups in their lives, get the best grades, graduate at the top of their class and land high paying jobs are intelligent. We at Borlem are bringing you the 10 signs that prove you or someone you know is highly intelligent. 

Socially Awkward 

One of the main struggles of being highly intelligent is learning how to behave in social settings. A lot of smart people are very uncomfortable in group settings and they are quickly labelled as being socially awkward. They start to overthink everything from the topics they should bring up next to how people react to their conversations.

Very Critical

People who are very intelligent are usually critical of themselves. They expect criticism from others and when it comes to self-reflection, they are extra hard on themselves when acknowledging their own faults. They may beat themselves up over the little things but they always have the willingness to work on their internal problems.