10 Silly Mistakes You Make With Him That Kill His Attraction For You


Most of the time it happens to a lot of girls that thy starting dating a new guy they met at town or in any bar. They start dating but suddenly she loses interest in him.

Here are 10 silly mistakes you make with him that kill his attraction for you:

1.Your Are Stuck In Past

You may got ditch by your ex or may be he cheated you. Now you may find it difficult to trust any man. But your negative thoughts cannot help you. They will destroy your relationship. If you will think that your man is a cheater , you may end up in such situation.


2.You Make Him Center Of Your World

If you make your man as your goals, dreams, hobbies and everything and give up on your own friends, family, passion , dreams and goals for spending time with your man than congratulation you have lost yourself for love. This will cause trouble because man cannot handle this much pressure in relationship.