10 Stars Who Gave Paparazzi Exactly What They Wanted


Wardrobe malfunction happens to the best of us. If you are alone and a strap split or your pants split chances are it won’t be remembered next day but when you’re a celebrity, accidental exposure can become immortal. 

Here are 10 stars who accidentally flashed paparazzi.

1.Adrienne Bailon  

The Disney actress was attending the function called “Escape to total reward”  and she wore a sheer dress for the event. What she didn’t plan on was the wind hiking up the ruffle in her outfit that was covering her lower extremities. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the see-through dress to cover herself up.


2. Britney Spears

She was symbolized as a warning to us all on what happens when you don’t wear underwear under your skirt and you had to get out of your car.