10 Surprising Things All Teenagers Must Go Through!

Puberty is an agonizing stage in life where your body goes through some pretty weird changes, You feel like the world is against you, and you are convinced no one understands what you are going through. Even tough puberty is a part of life, Nothing can really prepare you for all the changes, your mind and body will experience.

1. What’s that smell

One of the most horrifying stages of puberty is when your sweat glands are rapidly active. While doing anything, the body can begin sweating like there is no tomorrow. And of course, along with the sweating comes especially from the armpits. It is the stage when wearing deodorant is a must.

2. Irregular Periods

Most girls anticipate getting their menstrual cycle. They know all about the monthly cramps and headaches they will experience, But what they are not told is that their period may not be regular for the first few years. For many girls who start to menstruate, it’s not usual to have multiple periods each month or to go several months in between menstrual cycles.