10 Things Your Eye Colour Reveals About You


Eyes are the windows to the soul and there are plenty of studies that claim your eye color can reveal things about who you are as a person.

Today we’ll share 10 things your eye color reveal about you.


Those with darker eyes have more melanin in their systems and more melanin means more insulation on the electrical connection between brain cells, it means your brain works quicker. Reports in journals, therefore, claim that people with darker eyes tend to have faster reaction times. That’s mean people with brown eyes are good at sports that involve hitting a target with a racquet, like a tennis.

2. Strong  

If you have a lighter colored eyes you have greater inner and physical strength. In fact, you will be very pleased to have blue eyes if you are expecting a baby. A study reported by the University of Pittsuburrgh school of medicine claimed that women with lighter eyes tend to handle the pain and stress of child birth better than with those darker eyes. They also had greater reductions in postpartum anxiety.