11 Before And After Pictures Of Some Gender Reassignment


Month of June was a pride and all across the world people came out and celebrated. We live in an age where LGBT people are finally beginning to get the positive representation and the respect they deserve and need.

Previously, for the sake of their careers celebrities had to conceal their true identities. But these days, people like Caitlin Jenner and Jaz Jennings are proof that it’s okay to be ‘different’. In their lives Other celebrities have gone through similar transitions , with some having to escape from strict families and environments.

1. Ryan Sallans: in 2005 After beginning his transition , Ryan eventually had hormone therapy and surgical treatment. He now travels the world as an LGBT rights advocate.

2 Jenna Talackova: She’s widely known as a television personality and Canadian model, and she fought to be the first transgender contestant in Miss Universe Canada.