15+ Famous Cast Reunions That Will Make You Feel Old

movie remakes 2016

It is always fascinating to see your beloved old movie stars reunite and back into action again in the famous remakes of classical movies.

It feels like as if time has stood still, the fans feel strong emotions by tapping into the memories of old times.  Let us explore the hottest movie remakes of 2016 and how stars reunited to cheer their fans up.

#1 Lord Of The Rings: 2001 Vs. 2017

lord of rings


Final score is  25. The Lord of Rings was the stunning successful hit of 2001.

#2 About Thelma & Louise: 1991 Vs. 2014


Final score is 233. The actors have aged well now, but they look gorgeous.  This movie did fantastic in the early 90s.