An 18-months Old Little Boy Is Fighting For His Life After Being Attacked By A Dog!


We all love dogs since they are good companions and worthy of care and love. However, sometimes even dogs become a threat to life. Some species of the Dog family are calm creatures, however, some like Pitbull, Rottweiler and a Bull-Dog are often seen peculiarly.

Recently, a Pitbull attacked a little kid in a play area! the toddler is in a hospital fighting for his life! The police arrived at the scene at around 5:30 pm on Tuesday 4th April just a few minutes after the attack. the picture shows the play area just a few hours after the horrible incident. 

The police were able to arrive on time and shots were fired to save the boy’s life. They were able to kill the Pitbull after a few shots and then the boy was taken to the hospital. The air ambulance arrived at the scene to help take the boy to a hospital in London, England.