5 Actors Who Quit for the Best Reasons


It’s said acting is a very tough industry but most of us who do normal jobs don’t appreciate it and think likewise. We all think there are a glitz, glamor, fame and a lot more but the fact is that there is a lot of pressure. The actors have to face criticism, they do hard work and are bound to shoot movies for long hours. These are the factors that make acting difficult and many are the actors who decided to quit midway. Today, we are going to tell you the actors who quit movies for the best reasons.

Jake Lloyd 

He appeared in movies in 1996 and his next and final role came in 1999 in a Star War movies. His performance was universally disliked. He was not comfortable in the profession and it was not his cup of tea to attend 200 interviews for a movie. Last time, he worked in a 2000 movie that was released 5 years later. After that, we have never seen him again in the movies. 

Omer Sharif

Omer Sharif had agreed to appear in a 1999 movie. However, it was the movie that put him back into the semi-retirement and he later decided to see it off. He believed the meals, the ticket and everything they get was nonsense and he quit it. He thought to work only if he found a stupendous film that he loved. It was humiliating for him to work in bad movies.