5 Celebrities Whose Snapchat Game Is Stronger Than Yours


Snapchat is one of the best things to happen to those who are obsessed with social media.

The app allows users to post brief videos and photos of their everyday life, and all the content magically disappears in the blink of an eye. But the real magic is happening on celebrity Snapchat accounts. This is where you can take a peek into the lives of the rich and famous.

Here Borlem compiled the list of such 5 celebrities whose Snapchat game in stronger than yours.

SOFIA RICHIE- srichieee

Sofia Ricci may be young but she’s living the kind of life most people can only dream of. The Hollywood star lick was the daughter of Lionel Richie and the younger sister to Nicole Richie lives the life of a princess in the family’s mega mansion. When she’s not snap-chatting by the pool she’s showing her followers a glimpse of the delicious meals prepared by her in-house chef, but Sofia isn’t just lounging around the house all day, she takes her followers with her as she travels around the world to various fashion shows, modeling photo shoots and luxury vacations with her friends. Even when she’s having a bad day her Snapchat game is still strong.
RIHANNA – rihanna
If you’re not following Rihanna and Snapchat you’re definitely missing out in her snap story. she’s living the life of a rock star. She doesn’t update her Snapchat very often but when she does it’s usually one of her friends who’s recording all the action for her. When a new notification pops up displaying a brand new snap from RiRi, her followers already know they’re in for a treat. The singer is never shown looking like she’s just rolled out of bed. She’s always dressed from head to toe in the latest luxury fashions.