5 Celebs Who Gave Up Fame To Work Normal Jobs


Living life in the spotlight, having millions of adoring fans, and seeing your face on the covers of magazines and billboards sounds like a dream to most people. But then, there are a group of Hollywood stars who lived this same lifestyle, and they gave it all up without any hesitation.

Here’s the compilation of 5 Hollywood celebrities who had the fame, glitz, and glamor, but they gave it all up to live regular lives with ordinary jobs.


As a member of the Jonas brothers, Kevin Jonas and his siblings sold 17 million records worldwide. After appearing on short-lived reality series called “Married to Jonas,” with his wife Danielle back in 2012, Kevin’s life has taken a drastic turn. He’s now a father, and he works a series of regular blue collar and white collar jobs to support his family. He spent some time in the construction industry as a constructor, launched a mobile app that helps users find a restaurant in their area, and he’s the CO-CEO of a social media marketing company called Blu market. 


At one point, Dylan and his brother Cole were two of the highest-paid child actors in the industry, and they were on their way to becoming the biggest and most popular stars in Hollywood. But after wrapping the film “The Suite Life Movie,” Dylan and his brother decided to both take a break from acting to attend college at New York University. After graduating in May 2015, Dylan turned his back to the entertainment industry and got a job working at a brewery in New York.