5 Celebs Who Regret Rejecting Their Promposals

It seems like every day there is a new video going viral of a teen asking a celebrity to prom. Though some of these teens are successful, most of the time the end up rejected. Today we are discussing the celebrities who regret rejecting their promposals. 

1.Justin Bieber

If most teenage girls had their way, Justin Bieber would go to every high school’s prom as their date. Sadly, they aren’t the case. Even when he gets asked by a random fan, but this time was not a girl, who was doing the asking, it was a guy. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Bieber has male friends, the Guy is talented! A guy is asking for a high school prom date. 

2.Kate Upton

Considering she is the dream girl of most grown men, it is not surprising that model kate Upton is the dream girl of teenage boys as well. Because of this, she often finds herself having to break the hearts of teen fans when they ask her to prom. She rejected a proposal of a teen boy named Davidson, he asks her to go prom with him, but she rejected. and then Davidson hooked him up with another model girl to go to prom with, Nina Agdal.