5 Coachella Fashion Outfits Celebs Regretted Wearing


As Coachella grows bigger and bigger the more celebrities shows their faces because of this festival become more about fashion.

Would you believe some of the world’s leading trendsetters have no idea how to dress at Coachella?

1.Katy Perry 

“Chained to the rhythm” singer, Katy perry is known for her electric style and her over the top fashion. Though she may have missed the mark with the ridiculous outfit she wore to Coachella party in 2015. Head to toe Moschino outfit Ketty rocked at the  Coachella  Maschino party looks more insult than a salute. The worst offense of the evening has to be gold quilted bra.

2. Vanessa Hudgens

It seemed she hasn’t missed a Coachella festival in the past 7 years. There is one thing she has missed over the past 7 years and that is her music festival fashion sense. The media has crowned her as the “Queen of Ridiculous Coachella Outfit” and it is not without a reason. In 2012, she would be able to pull off with the dress alone but her choices of accessories ruin it. Surprisingly, nothings stop her 2013 look when she decided to wear this offensive feather headdress. Things didn’t get much better in 2014 either. She decided to give up on everything and just wrap her head in a black scarf.