The 5 Most Common Traits Found In Cheaters!


Relationships are a lot of work and take much effort in building. But, there are those people who make that work seem a gazillion times harder. You are always suspecting them, but they have a way of reassuring you that you are imagining all your suspicions. Not anymore. Unluckily for them, we at Borlem have picked up some red flags that sell them off and reveal to you 5 most common traits found in cheaters! 

1. They Idolize A Cheating Lifestyle

There are shows out there that are not really good for couples that are trying to have a stable relationship. With all the reality shows on TV, you will notice how they seem to support the cheating partner. They will take it a notch higher and instead of working things out in a relationship when things get tough, they will go hang out with a person they feel comfortable with, who they should not be hanging out with. 

2. They’re Excessively Needy

I’m sure this is not news for most of you but I will say it anyway. Cheaters want your time, money, attention, energy, affection or a combination of these in excess. You don’t give it to them, they act out to get it. By act out I mean they use manipulation tactics to get what they want. Sorry to break it to you, but however much you do for this person, they will never be satisfied and you will find out they cheated on you sooner or later. When you ask them the reason for their behavior, they’ll blame you for not doing certain things.