5 Conversations You Should Avoid On First Date

First dates are nerve-racking, but small talk can be worse. When an awkward silence hits, it’s either head for the nearest exit or mentions the weather. For those that weren’t born with the gift of the gab, unlike the weather, there are some topics you should reach for when you start to feel the pressure of a first date.

1. Don’t over-compliment your date

A compliment is the perfect ice breaker. It’s friendly, fun — and by its very nature, complimentary. Except sometimes they’re not. Sometimes a compliment can be completely backhanded. Even when you don’t mean it to be. While you’d hope your date would overlook. And whilst you may mean your compliment with utter sincerity, it’s a natural human reaction to immediately be made aware of the traits that you’re not so confident about. This is made ever more powerful on a date when you actually really do care what the other person thinks of us. You probably think whatever you said was completely innocent. But let’s just examine how these dodgy compliments are likely to be interpreted by your date. For example, you say to your girlfriend ‘You clean up nicely’.

2. Don’t talk about your Exes

You have the urge to tell that one story about that one time that your ex and you did something…completely unrelated to your first date with a new guy. Discussing the past so early into a could-be relationship is like throwing water on a flame that’s barely starting to fluster. While it’s natural to have thoughts about your exes from time-to-time while dating (everyone compares!), opening up that floodgate brings up a guy’s insecurities, jealousies, and possibly encourages him to talk about ex-girlfriends, too.