5 Everyday Objects That Look Nothing Like They Used To


Every day we buy and use objects that entertain us or make our lives easier. For the most part, we don’t even really give a second thought to how these products were developed or even when they were invented. From that iPhone in your hand to the car driving down the street, we just see modern technology that is around us every day. Well, it turns out a lot of everyday items we use are actually quite old technology. That is, they were invented generations ago and were simply updated and modernized every now and then to get us where we are today. From sunglasses to baby strollers, you’ll be surprised at how many things look nothing like they used to.


The Baby Stroller 

Today, it’s common to see parents out on a nice day walking or running along while they push a stroller. In fact, if you have ever gone stroller shopping then you know that it’s a super-serious industry, complete with all sorts of specifications related to durability, performance and safety ratings. Yes, the stroller is pretty much sold to parents as if it were a car. However, the baby mobiles we use today are actually quite different looking than the first strollers. 

The Phone 

It is absolutely crazy how much the telephone has changed in just the last 20 to 30 years. Today, the majority of us carry our phones in our pockets everywhere we go. They all pretty much look the same. Whether an iPhone or a Samsung, they are slim and fit easily in the palm of your hand. This couldn’t be more different than telephones found 100 years ago. In fact, the first telephone calls were made around 140 years ago. The equipment was bulky and it all looked nothing like the devices we use today. Even in the 20th century, the phone was large, had a big handset and needed a cord running from that handset to the base unit. Sure there were improvements such as buttons replacing the rotary wheel and even cordless home phones became widespread after the 1970S, however, the phone was still big and bulky. In the 90S, large advances were made in cell phone technology.