5 Female Celebrities Only MEN Find Hot


There are many female celebrities in Hollywood that both women and men can agree stunning but sometimes there are those women who appeal more to guys and women appeal more to girls. It seems women and men just can’t agree on what their version of sexy really means.

 Today, we’ll discuss 10 female celebrities only men find hot:

1.J .Lo

In early 2000’s Jennifer Lopez or J.Lo was on fire. Fast forward a few years later, and seems like her fire has cooled down just a bit but that hasn’t stopped pretty much every red-blooded man in the world desiring her. From her curvaceous backside to her sultry singing voice, men can’t get enough of J.LO. 

2. Amy Smart 

Amy Smart started making huge strides with her acting career after the release of ” Just Friends” co-starring Rayan Reynolds. It seemed like she was unstoppable, especially since every guy in the world had a tiny crush on this actress. Guys love smart’s sweet demeanor and supermodel body. It doesn’t hurt that she seems to be cast as the hot girl next door. Plus the fact that she has great comedic timing when it comes to her acting. Guys love a funny girl, even more so when that funny girl happens to be very attractive. There is no denying that she is a gorgeous woman but she isn’t  a women definition of “Hot”.