5 Good Tips To Quit Your Job Gracefully And Professionally


Quitting is not what it used to be. Quitting is part of the process of finding your dream job, finding synergy between your home and work lives, and finding where you fit in. Young people have different expectations for work than older generations. A job today should feed one’s soul, ego, and sooner than later, family. It’s no surprise that you have to quit a lot of jobs to find the one that meets such lofty goals.

Maybe you hate your boss, or you just received a better offer from a competitor. Don’t worry, just follow these steps to exit your current job in a manner that is professional and will leave your reputation intact:

1.Quit In Person
It’s important to actually make the announcement to your boss in person. “Your boss will be insulted to hear it from someone else.” “Try to get 15 minutes on your boss’s calendar right at the beginning of the day to have a personal conversation,” Keep the conversation positive, professional, and constructive. Refrain from being rude or insulting, no matter how horrible your manager was.

2.Leave The Door Open A Crack

If you’ve done good work, there is no reason you couldn’t come back later, when things for you and for the company might have changed. Especially as you begin to specialize in your career and lay down roots, the pool of possible companies gets smaller. So don’t close any doors definitive. You never know where people are going to end up, You might need a recommendation from boss or find yourselves working together again one day.