5 Music Artists Who Hate Their Own Songs


You probably have one song in music library that you can listen to over and over again. You know every lyric, and you can hum the entire beat. As you listen to your jam, it’s hard to imagine there could be someone out there who thinks the song is awful. Well believe it or not many of popular artist can’t even stand their own music.

Today we’ll be sharing 5 music artists who hate their own songs:


When she wrote the song ‘Royals’ she was inspired by the flashy lifestyle depicted in hip hop music. When the track was released, she knew she had a hit on her hands. The song won the Grammys, and it reached the top of the music chart but would you believe that she hates this song. She calls it “disastrous” and “awful”.


Some of her her most popular song like “Umbrella” and ” What’s my name” were in most Gen Z and Millennials music playlists. The singer said when she got on stage, she didn’t even feel like performing a lot of her old songs. She thinks her music didn’t represent who she was at all. She didn’t think the songs were real enough.