5 Reasons Why None Of Your Relationships Worked Out


When you start dating someone, there’s a silent whisper in your heart hoping that this relationship works out for the best, especially if you think the person is a great match for you. However, it is normal that you’re left devastated after each of your relationships failed, and you’re probably wondering why they just won’t work when you’re obviously giving it your best shot.

Here are the reasons why it never worked out with any of those people to whom you dated in your past.

1. You had never given your partner a chance.

Yes, you’ve been single for a long time and you were actively going on dates. But at the back of your mind, you don’t believe that relationships are worth your effort, time, and resources.

You don’t think Mr. Right exists and if ever he does, there’s that huge part of you that believes that he shouldn’t be that hard to find. While there’s nothing wrong with this mindset, especially if you were born a pessimist, it could have a huge negative impact on the way you view and approach relationships.