5 Riddles Along With Answers That Will Squeeze Your Brain


Strong and Healthy body can be maintain by the regular Exercise. There are many different techniques to get exercise. Whether you go out for a run or take dance lessons, in order to keep your muscles healthy its always important to remember to fit in some physical activity. The same things needs to be done for the mind. Following are the ways to exercise the brain.

  • Crosswords and other puzzles.
  • IQ Tests.
  • Memory games.

IQ questions to answer quick is a rapid way to keep the brain sharp and the gears turning. They’re a fun way to get yourself thinking and to stretch out the brain muscles.

Here is a list of 5 IQ questions that will stump you for sure. See if you can get all of them correct! The first bit of text will be the question and the answer will follow. Don’t scroll otherwise its a cheating!


1. Question: What do you call a bear that doesn’t have any ears?


Answer: The right answer is ‘B’. Get it? If you take ‘-ear’ away from ‘Bear’ it becomes just ‘B’.