5 Signs You like Him Just For His Looks


Most girls when first meet any boy  they start dating him for his looks. Look is first thing that does matter in relationship but it shouldn’t be only thing.

Here are 5 signs you like him just for his looks:

1.You Fall For Him At First Sight

In real world love at first sight doesn’t exist. If you think it is possible then you must fell in lust. You need few dates to get to know him because you just saw handsome hank and you found yourself irresistibly attractive towards him. It is simply not a love. 

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2. You Like To Show Him Off

If you like to show him off more than you like to actually see him then you’re totally dating him for his looks. If you find yourself accepting dates only when they involve going out with other people or attending a wedding. Chances are you really don’t like spending that much time with him.

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