5 Signs Your Crush Wants To Be More Than Friends


If your crush is feeling much more than before and you’re seriously trying to figure it out? You’re probably on the lookout for signs that your crush wants to be more than just friends. The good news is, we’ve got 10 such signs to share with you!

From neurological and physiological responses to body language signals, we’ll show you how to tell if someone is attracted to you.

1. Mirroring 

When you chat next time with your crush, watch their body language closely. Not just that, but pay attention to your own, too. Are they mirroring what are you doing?

Obvious things to look out for are whether you’re both crossing your legs in the same way, or if your arms are in the same position. Take a look at where your hands are, and if they’re copying you. They won’t be doing this on purpose.