5 Things You Should Do After A Heart-Attack


One of the main things you can expect if you’ve survived a heart attack is a treatment that will continue long after the actual event. The good news is that there is a lot of stuff you can do to improve your health and hopefully prevent another attack. In fact, many of these steps should be taken before you even leave the hospital.

Here is the compilation of 5 things you can do to make recovery easier and defend yourself from further incidents.

1. Look for immediate involvement.

You will experience various teams of doctors administering medication and monitoring devices once you arrive at the hospital. While you are in the hospital, allow the doctors to take proper care of you. This is a particularly difficult time, as you are anxious, in pain, and typically confused.

In most cases, a blood thinner and blood pressure medications will be administered immediately to restore proper blood flow. The hospital should not delay in performing a life-saving angiogram; if they don’t offer that service you should be stabilized and transferred to another facility immediately.