5 Things Men Can Do That Women Can’t!


Let’s be honest, the world isn’t fair and someone’s always going to do better than you. On the other hand, someone will always be worse off, too. When it comes to the battle of the sexes, this balance shifts constantly. Women, for example, can opt to have a child or not, while men have no real say in the matter.

The fact is, men and women have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to different situations. With that in mind, we dug deep to bring you the 5 things men can do that women can’t. 

1. Roll Out of Bed and Look Great

Okay, so maybe guys don’t look incredible when they first wake up, but the fact remains that men have an infinitely easier time in the mornings than women do. Ask around and you’ll find that men generally spend much less time getting ready compared to women. Men’s hair is easier to maintain, even with a full beard, and men don’t need to ‘put their face on’. Women spend most of their morning routine staring into a mirror in an effort to make themselves look more presentable. Men, on the other hand, are morning sprinters. A standard routine involves waking up, showering, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, and heading off to work. Add makeup, eyelashes, eyebrows, contouring, blush, lipstick, and hair maintenance to that and the routine starts to look like more of a marathon than a 100 meter

2. Produce both X and Y Gametes

When it comes to making babies, women really get the short end of the stick. Not only do they have to carry the kid for nine months, but they also do not produce Y gametes, the only X. This is important because all humans default to X, or female, with the Y chromosome kicking off male development. What does this mean? Without a Y chromosome to signal male development, there would be no male babies. Without men around to add some Y chromosomes from time to time, even if artificial insemination techniques managed to work their way around this, we’d be living in a world filled with nothing but women and a lot more complaining.