5 Things All Men Want Women To Do More


Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, literally. Both think the other is crazy…but we all need each other so that the world can go round. But there are some things that ladies don’t seem to understand about guys. I’m sorry ladies… but today you will be on the spot. We will tilt over to us guy’s side, just this once. I know there are those things you roll your eyes about when your man asks you to do but you never know if these are what will keep him. 

Here are 5 things all men want women to do more, read the article till the end and don’t forget to share your views with us. 

1. Make The First Move

Men have always been called hunters and boy…do they like hunting. But sometimes, they wouldn’t mind a woman confident enough to make the first move in approaching them in the field and even in the bedroom. I know you women think that this can make you look pretty desperate but that is not necessarily the case.

Men see such a woman as a go-getter. When she sees something she goes after it. If your fear of rejection is hitting your mind right now, I hope this will make you better: guys fear the same thing.