5 Things You Did Not Know The Use For

Every day we are surrounded by things the meaning of which we don’t even know. Today you will finally figure out why there is a tiny hole in the Chupa-Chups and other crazy things that have secret features.

During a cold winter many of us wear pompom hats. But little do we know about this weird accessory. Most people assume that its just an element of design or its just for fun. First pompom hats appeared in the 18th century. French navy forces used to wear pompom hats in the tiny compartments of military ships. Pompoms helped them to avoid beating their heads on low door frames. Since then many countries started adoring pompom hats. Many people thought those were cute. So I guess you can say that this funny accessory really is a timeless feature and that pompoms will fit nicely, centuries ahead on napes of many future generation people.
Do you guys know why there is a tiny square hole on the side of the chupa-chups stick? Many believe that its there for safety reasons, like if a child would swallow this thing he wouldn’t choke. But that’s just ridiculous. That hole doesn’t let the candy to fall. When they make these things they fill the hole first so that the rest of the candy would stick to that. Also chupa-chups has become popular because it is kind of hard to swallow it and it lasts longer.