5 Year Old Girl ‘Edith Fuller’ Makes History As The Youngest National Spelling Bee Winner


A five year old girl from Oklahoma has made history as the youngest person to ever qualify for the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Edith Fuller won the Scripps Green Country Regional Spelling Bee competition.

Edith’s mother Annie Fuller said, the family was first amazed when her daughter correctly spelled the word ‘restaurant’ without being taught at a dinner. We knew there was something special. 

Edith studied words with her mom. Every time she spelled something incorrectly, she had to look it up in the dictionary. She correctly spelled the words in the competition such as sarsaparilla, zephyr and panglossian. Her final word was jnana, a Hindu term for knowledge.

Little Edith Fuller will now travel to Maryland in may to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. 

She Amazed Her Parents First By Correctly Spelling The Word ‘Restaurant’, After That She Started Training For The Competition with Her Mom

She Spelled Some Of The Most Difficult Words Like Sarsaparilla, Zephyr, Panglossian, And Her Final Word Was Jnana.