6 Hot Instagram Models BEFORE And AFTER Plastic Surgery


Many girls have been able to turn Instagram from a platform to share pictures into a source of income. These beautiful women have been made popular due to their good looks, and advertisers can’t wait to hire them to promote their products. They’re more commonly referred to as IG models, and many of them have millions of followers who drool over each and every photo they post to the site.

We have dug up some photos of your favorite Instagram models that show how drastic their physical changes really are. Today we will be showing you photos of 10 hot Instagram models before plastic surgery. 


Before racking up so many followers on Instagram, Marina Mayer looked a lot different than she does now. In fact, she looked like a completely different person! The Russian IG model has thousands of photos posted to her account and each one beautifully shows off her flawless physique and her gorgeous face. But before the social media fame entered her life, Marina looked like your typical girl next door. In the series of before and after photos, you can see all of the physical changes she has gone through to look the way she does today. 


We are pretty sure you’ve probably seen Alena Shishkova photos all over the internet. With millions of Instagram followers, it’s not secret as to what makes her so popular amongst internet users. She has a great sense of style and a beautiful face with chiseled features. But take a look at the IG model before she allegedly had a few plastic surgery procedures. She looks so sweet and innocent. We think Alena was just as beautiful before, but it was the modeling industry that forced her to make the alternations to her body.