6 Most Common Lies Kids Tell Their Parents

Young kids don’t make sense out of the concept of truth the way we adults do but when they lie, it hurts parents a lot since it breaks the precious bond of trust. Children are very creative but also innocent; they need to be dealt sensitively so that you don’t end up instilling their mind with fear. So let us see the life from a child’s point of view to know why they need to lie.
I Don’t Know
This one is very common. Mom asked her kid about who ate all the brownies and the kid, still enjoying the taste of chocolate in his mouth, could not answer to accept his act, instead chooses to say, “I don’t know.”
Wow, you Look Beautiful Mom OR You Look Younger Than Most of My Friend’s Moms
When parents get a compliment on their hair not brushed up in days or on a food which suddenly tastes so delicious, they are not to be trusted. The moment they hear praise like that, they know something is not right; either the kid needs a favor or he is trying to sugarcoat something wrong. Parents need to check the kitchen for something broken
or spilled or they need to check their garden for plants being stuck together by a duct tape after being smashed with a ball.