6 Things Showing Men Are Biologically Planned To Look In For Women


It’s a quote that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and that is true for all men! The fact is all men are visual beings and when they see something good they go after it. There are some factors that span the entry range of a man’s senses. You may think you are having a casual drink with a guy and though the issue of kids may not have ever sprung up in your mind, when, without your knowledge, you are sending out signals of your age, health, and fertility that he is hard wired to look for in a woman. 

Here we prepared a list of 5 amazing things showing men are biologically planned to look for in women.

1. The Booty

Studies in human behavior and human evolution show that men are biologically coded to be drawn to a 0.7 waist-to-hip ration in a female mate. Let me translate that: a 0.7 waist ratio means that the circumference of your waist is 70% of the circumference of your hips. If that is still hard to grasp, allow me to put it in the crudest way possible: men like women who have some junk in the trunk.

There’s just something about that ratio that really works for dudes. Women used to wear corsets mainly because it works pretty well for them. Furthermore, estrogen and other female hormones create wider hips that indicate the ability to safely give birth to a baby.