7 Everyday Things Outsiders Should Know are Not Legal in North Korea


Celebrating Holidays 

Even if you are the religious type, odds are that during certain holidays you throw up a few decorations. Take Christmas as an example, in the US you would not end up being arrested rather they promote competitions. And you can imagine, North Korea is a far different country celebrating holidays is banned. With any kind of lights, trees and other scenes will likely end up with you going to jail. 


When it comes to updating your wardrobe or you just feel like buying some new clothes at the mall, we bet some of your time is spent on trying new jeans. Whether for daily wear or even work, jeans are an important part of western culture and fashion. Anyways, this is not the case in North Korea. You see jeans are straight illegal in this country. If you don’t believe it, just see all the people wearing dresses that seem from the 40s. And you will not a pair of jeans. This is because jeans are the symbol of America and all its evil.