7 Smartest Kids With The Biggest Brains In The World!


You may brag about your kid is an honor student on the bumper sticker of your minivan, but he or she probably isn’t worthy of an honorable mention in the Mensa database. While some students may struggle to pass their classes and truly engage with learning, there is an elite group of young people whose immense brainpower is so rare that just 2% of people can claim to be a part of this group. This group’s intellect rivals, and even bests, the IQs of geniuses like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Amadeus Mozart. This exclusive assembly of gifted boys and girls, which includes child prodigies as young as 4 years old, is home to budding scientists, future bankers, aspiring philanthropists, inventors, polyglots, polymaths, puzzle solvers, and college graduates. 

These children are smarter than 98% of the population. Yes, there’s plenty to be jealous about when you consider the tremendous gifts these brilliant minds possess. Make no mistake about it: these young minds are the fresh faces of our future, and it would be foolish to miss out on what they’re doing. These are the smartest kids in the world.


Joshua Madugula 

Joshua Madugula was only 4 years old when he took an IQ test to determine his intelligence. Joshua’s parents wanted to test him after he showed unusually rapid signs of development before he was even 2 years old. His mother Sree said he displayed an exceptional knack for memorization and making connections between stories he’d heard weeks before. While some toddlers were still going “GOO-GOO-GA-GA” at their friends and relatives Joshua was learning to read while also memorizing names, addresses, and phone numbers, according to his dad. After scoring a whopping 153 on his test, Joshua is not only considered to be one of the smartest 6-years-olds in Australia, but his IQ makes him smarter than 99.9% of all Australians. It also means he’s just a few IQ points behind Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. 

Mukund Soni 

11-year-old Mukund Soni of Ilford, England, is one of the gifted few to achieve a perfect score on Mensa’s verbal reasoning test. After taking the exam and getting a score of 162, Mukund said some of the questions were challenging, But apparently, he doesn’t have too hard of a time. Mukund scored 2 points higher than both Elbert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. In achieving a perfect score, this brilliant preteen joined a highly elite group of people: just 1% of test takers receive a perfect grade on the exam.