7 Things Almost EVERY Girl Does Every Day When No One’s Watching


Being a girl comes with loads of struggles people hardly know about. But when it comes to some of the other things girls do in private, there’s still an unspoken rule that should remain unspoken.  Well, let’s break down those barriers, because girls are probably always doing some freaky, gross solo stuff anyways.

Here, at Borlem we will share 7 things almost every girl  does every day when no one’s watching:

1.When girls get home, the bra is the first thing to come off

Scratching your boobs after they’ve been stuck in a sweaty under-wired cage all day is heaven. 

2.Stuffing Things In Her Bra

It will surprise you to know that, although they walk around with all these huge handbags with almost the world in it, they still stuff things in their bra. From mobile phones to handkerchiefs, every and anything can be tucked in their bras. But ask any of them and they will tell you, “Nah! me I don’t do that”.