7 Ways You Can Spot Liars With Their Body Language


Telling lies is a very bad habit that many people have fallen prey to. People often lie to escape from speaking the truth and view it as something that is important for survival. Unfortunately, most humans aren’t very good at detecting lies; however, there are a few simple things you can do to determine whether or not a person is lying. Just asking the right questions and observing a person’s body movements can reveal the truth.

1. Changes in Voice or Tone

Closely observe the voice or tone of the person you think is lying. Any changes in voice (i.e. slower or faster-than-normal speech patterns) indicate dishonesty. Stammering or stuttering may also point to a lie.

2. Excessive Lip-Licking

Excessive lip licking is a common sign of dishonesty. When a person lies, it puts a lot of stress on his body, which can result in repetitive physical behaviors.