7-Year-Old Child ‘Ryan’ Opens His Recycling Company to Save the Planet


Almost none of us remember what we were doing at the age of three. A lot of us don’t even remember being a 3 year old in our lives. But here’s someone out who did not only launched his first company at the age of three but has also earned the profit.

The most inspiring thing about his business is that it keeps our environment clean and fresh to provide us a better lifestyle.

In 2012, “Ryan Hickman” worked along with his father to the local recycling hub and drawn in a few small containers of cans and bottles.

Pretty soon Ryan chose ‘recycling as his future. After traveling to the recycling center, Ryan expressed his mother and father that he needed to give empty synthetic packets to all the next door neighbor and possibly they would keep their recyclables for him. 

The local neighbors not only saved their recyclables for Ryan but they also motivated their friends and relatives to keep it for Ryan Hickman.

Watch the video attached below to know about his legendary work more precisely.

The Passion of Ryan for Recycling is Wonderful. He has customers from all over the city

Most of the Non Profit Organizations Recognized him for his work