8 Famous People Who Were Deemed Too Ugly For Hollywood!


Hollywood has set a wide range of beauty standards, therefore, making it hard for talented artists to make their mark. We have seen uncountable divas and hunks ruling not only the screen but our hearts as well! However, there are some actors who were once deemed too ugly to be a part of Hollywood by critics and casting heads!

From face cuts to body weight, following celebrities faced extreme judgments but somehow ended up being successful. 

1. Benedict Cumberbatch 

The Britain Megamind who has captured millions of hearts was once deemed ‘ordinary looking’. He was considered too weird and was almost removed from the cast of Sherlock! I can’t imagine anyone else playing the character as well as Benedict did!

2. Jennifer Lawrence 

We all fell in love with the beautiful Katniss portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence. However, the critics had to say something else. They all disliked how katniss looked fat for being in Hunger Games! Everyone even discouraged her from acting because they said she is too fat! However, nothing could stop her from being one of the most famous celebrity today!