8 Simple Tricks to Free Up Space on iPhone Without Deleting Photos


As an iPhone user, you might know that managing space is a serious issue. Nothing troubles more than a pop up telling you to free up space on your iPhone to take photos. This problem is with the users who have iPhones of entry levels with limited space. However, this issue can easily be resolved by simple tricks and you will not need to delete your photos for making space. 

Delete Old Text Messages

You are given a number of options to keep your text messages. There is an option to delete them every month but if you have selected FOREVER option, it’s consuming a lot of space on your iPhone. I think no one will be going back to scroll all the message a year or two later. Go to your SETTING, then MESSAGES and choose 30 days option to make more space on your iPhone.


Clear Browser Cache 

The default browser in iPhone is Safari. When you make searches on your iPhone, it restores data, passwords, and history. If it’s not deleted, it takes a lot of space. Just go to SETTING, then Safari and just below the bottom you will see CLEAR HISTORY AND WEBSITE DATA option. Deleting history will require you to retype credentials of websites you had saved. 

clear cache iphone