8 WEIRD Things That Guys Love About Girls!


Girls tend to spend tons of money on makeup and clothes to impress their guys. I mean come on, we all know how hard it is to put up with the daily grind of getting ready. sometimes I wish I could just get up and go out in my Pj’s! Honestly, if a guy loves you, he loves you for who you are.Moving on, as much as we hate to admit guys do love some of the most unattractive things about us!¬†

Following are some of our Ugly habits/things that guys simply adore!

Messy Eater

Guys tend to like girls who have a healthy appetite! Don’t simply order a salad on a date! If you want a BigMac, order one! Guys like it when girls truly enjoy eating, they feel that you aren’t hiding anything.

Foul Mouth 

Sweet and conservative girls are liked in the beginning but it somehow seems too good to be true. Guys like girls who are a little bad-mouthing(Situation-appropriateness is highlighted). Furthermore, they love girls who can joke with them and use sarcastic/witty banter.