9 Household Items For Getting Rid Of Dark Circles Under the Eye

circles under eyes

When more stress gets into your life, it begins to show on your face. As the age progresses, the skin also begins to deteriorate. The eyes show our age and stress level brilliantly on the face.

The skin around our eyes is very soft and sensitive. Problems like allergies and genertics play a key role the way eyes look. Dark circles and puffy bags begin to shape up due to allergies. The allergies can be treated with   antihistamine but the dark circles are much difficult to get rid of.

Women usually cover their dark eye circles with makeup and red lipstick.  This does not solve the root problem unfortunately, for a better solution; there are some useful home remedies to remove dark circles.

Changes in sleep patterns, drinking more water, not rubbing your eyes much can also help; you can also apply   DIY treatments to improve your eyes. You can remedy those circles by reading our tips below:

The dark circles are usually created under the skin due to fatigue which is the most common reason. There are other potential reasons like hay fever, allergies,

Outside of fatigue, there are a lot of potential reasons for your dark circles, including: hay fever, allergies, eczema and exposure to sun.


Getting Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes.

Remedy #1: Cucumber


Cucumbers serve the real purpose of lightening the skin and help reducing the darkness. To use them, chill them in refrigerator for 30 minutes and slice them.  Then rinse off the area of your skin and do this for 2 weeks.

Remedy #2: Tomato And Lemon

Tomatoes have bleaching characteristics along with vitamin c in lemons can help brighten your under-eye areas.

  •  Mix half spoon of tomato with lemon juice and apply it to the dark circles. Doing it twice a day will solve the problem.