A Trump Supporter Just Called Obama a P*ssy and a US Marine Has an Epic Reply


Trump keeps feeding his supporters rubbish, and they in turn eagerly devour it and beg for more. It doesn’t matter what he says or does, the MAGA crowd will scream till they’re blue in the faces heralding his utter defeats as unparalleled victories. They’re stuck in a vicious cycle of delusion. As Trump’s tiny hands beat the drums of war against North Korea, his supporters work themselves into a bloodthirsty lather. They’re pulling out all of their bigoted rhetoric, including resurrecting their old racist claims that President Obama was a “secret Muslim” and wasn’t born in the United States.

Recently, a Trump supporter took to the social networking website, Facebook, where he praised the current US president Donald Trump and lashed at the first black president, Obama. He wrote “We had a pussy for 8 years as a president now that we have a president that is for the American People, you all attack him. North Korea was allowed to produce nuclear weapons, while a Muslim President was weak and allowed countries to see you as weak. North Korea fires 1 missile they need to be taken out. This country will never back down again”. 

After the comment of the Trump supporter, a US Marine came forward with an epic reply. His reply is winning the internet and he wrote “I served as a US Marine under President Obama, and there was nothing pussy about the man. Not everything was a dick measuring contest or an opportunity to show everyone how awesome he was. The way Trump is addressing Korea is dangerous, foolish and anything but presidential”. He had a detailed reply that you guys can check below.