The Actual Reasons Behind An Innie Or On Outie Belly Button


Categorization of human can be considered into two different boxes. One is an innie,and the another one is an outie. Yes you are right, I am talking about your belly button. Even though many people are aware about the the fact that a belly button is a physical prove of from where your umbilical cord was cut, Many people don’t understand why there are so many difference in the appearances of belly buttons.

Firstly, you need to know about the innie and an outie belly button.


An outie is one that pops outwards, kind of like a distension. Where as an innie is that type of belly button that faces or turns inwards a Actually Innies are most common than outies. So if you have a belly button that protrudes a little bit, just embrace it because you are one of the special few.

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Usually umbilical cord is cut just seconds after birth and that is when your belly button is formed.

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